For the production of our Hortisol we work together with the company SONNENERDE in beautiful Austria. Dreamlike in a small valley, the company has specialized in the research, development and manufacture of high-quality compost-based premium products. We warmly welcome you to Gerald Dunst! He has the blues ... the humus in the blood. His team is literally carrying the earth on hands and laying it down to your feet.

Gerald Dunst, CEO of the company Sonnenerde
Gerald Dunst, CEO of the company Sonnenerde

After 13 years of consulting work, Gerald Dunst had to realize that most composting plants are not interested in the production of high-quality composts (or even finished goods), but only in the disposal of waste. The separate collection of the biowaste caused a composting boom, which had a very bad effect on the image of the compost. Composts were offered on the market which would not really have earned the name "Compost" - black, charred, malicious, but fine-screened masses were not only sold, but also used to damage the plants. These facts frustrated, and he decide to leave the consultancy to build up their own compost and soil plant. The aim of this facility is to produce the best possible compost quality and, as a result, the best possible potting soils.

Today, the company is claiming that its products are not only visually appealing, fragrant, easy to process and ecologically valuable, but also that the plant site is optimized for many years by its products and the best possible grow of the plants can be guaranteed.

Professional users such as gardeners expect not only a professional quality, but also that this material is constantly available and available in consistently high quality. He can now live up to this claim too!

Compliance with all standards and guidelines is a matter of course for him!

As part of its successful work, the company Sonnenerde has also received some environmental and innovation awards. Here is the chronological overview:


  • 2007: Burgenland Environmental Award
  • 2012: Austrian Climate Protection Award 2012, Category: "Climate Protection through Innovation"
  • 2012: Burgenland Innovation Award, 3rd place
  • 2013: Energy Globe Burgenland, 2nd place
  • 2014: Energy Globe Burgenland, Special Price
  • 2014: TRIGOS Award Austria 2014, Category: "Holistic CSR commitment"