The Hortisol

Kañamu Pacha "Hortisol" is a specialized Terra Preta compost-based potting soil for the cultivation of medical herbs and urban gardening. During the development of the substrate, the latest developments in the field of agricultural research have been applied and implemented. These include parameters, such as the nutrient requirements during the individual growth cycles of plants as well as scientific expertise from the soil science. We have paid particular attention to the improvement of soil physiological parameters such as bulk density, soil porosity, water retention and at the same time maximization of mobility, availability and activity of the complexed nutrients. Kañamu Pacha Hortisol is suitable for organic farming due to EG regulation Nr. 834/2007 and 889/2008. 

Kañamu Pacha "Hortisol" - SUPERSOIL
Kañamu Pacha "Hortisol" - SUPERSOIL

  • is suitable for organic farming due to EG regulation Nr. 834/2007 and 889/2008. 
  • No re-fertilization with complicated feeding schedules during the complete cultivation cycle
  • "ready to grow" system, just add rain or tap water
  • No problems with over- or under-fertilization
  • is an optimal water and nutrient buffer system based on Terra Preta, from which the plants can constantly feed during the complete vegetation, flowering or fruit building phase, while microorganisms replenish the buffer at the same time
  • Rich soil life like microorganisms and fungi help to make the plants healthier and naturally more resistant to pests and diseases
  • the buffer effect of the Hortisol compensate for fluctuations and build-up errors and ensure consistently high quality with consistent yields
  • it helps the plant to optimal growth and the best possible, rich development of all beneficial ingredients 
  • free of peat moos, coco fibre and perlite
  • nearly free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, hormones and heavy metals
  • is made out of recycled, renewable and regional raw materials
  • naturally and ecologically sustainable

technical data:





nitrogen available

250-350 mg/L

phosphorous as P2O5

1300-1500 mg/L

potassium as K2O

1500-1700 mg/L


320 mg/L



bulk density (dry content)

500 g/L

org. content (dry content)

34,2 %



It should be noted that these values are the starting values of the plant-available nutrients. The nitrogen content remains constant over a very long period, as decomposition processes constantly release new nitrogen. The results are based on the measurements of an external laboratory analysis. Further information on request.

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